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Acacia honey is considered one of the best varieties, besides it does not crystallize for a very long time.The taste of acacia honey enveloping, delicate, exquisite floral taste that has a tendency to become stronger after swallowing. In liquid form, acacia honey is transparent; when crystallized (candied), it becomes white, fine-grained, resembling snow.



Linden honey

Linden – a tree that is widely used in gardening, and the color of Linden in folk medicine. She deservedly received the nickname Queen of honeybees Working bees are able to climb to a height of up to 50 meters, so in addition to herbaceous plants, they use flowering trees and shrubs to extract nectar. In Ingushetia, Linden is the most common of the large honey plants (more than 15 varieties grow). Bees turn nectar collected from


May honey

May honey got its name due to the period of its collection. It is with the arrival of may that bees become more active and begin to collect nectar from the first flowering plants. May honey has unique useful properties that distinguish it from other varieties. Bees collect it from honey plants that bloom only in spring. Therefore, the composition of the product is enriched with valuable components that cannot be obtained in any other period. How it differs from other varieties. May honey is the first product after the winter that the bees produce from the nectar of spring.

Motley grass honey

Motley grass honey is poliflerny product consisting of nectar and pollen with a few honey plants He stands a full-bodied taste, pleasant aroma, medicinal use. The disparate composition affects the caloric content, chemical composition, and appearance. Honey of various grasses shows distinctive useful properties and contraindications that determine the specificity of the variety.


API DOM offers honey in souvenir packaging under the brand Sweet World of Ingushetia.Honeycomb honey in souvenir packaging. Each of us eating, going to visit, meeting, visit wants to present a nice gift, so that it would be useful and pleasant. For this occasion, we have developed a souvenir gift for honey Sweet World of Ingushetia extracted from the mountain forests of Ingushetia.

Sweet World

Sweet World of Ingushetia company that knows all the subtleties of beekeeping! The technology has been passed down from generation to generation for 35 years. For more than 5 years, we have been trying to please people all over Russia with our products...

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